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Friday, January 21, 2011

Packers! Bears!

Packers! Bears!
Where were you in 1920 okay, I’m sure nowhere to be found. The newest and most enjoyable number one sport, sorry Baseball and Basketball fans, was just starting. Imagine that. That decade is referred to as the ‘Roaring Twenties’ or the “Jazz Age”.  By 1932, the first NFL playoff game was played between the Chicago Bears against Portsmouth Spartans. Yep! The very same Chicago Bears Franchise, that will go against the Green Bay Packers for the rights to play in Super-Bowl XLV that’s the 45th super-bowl people.
If you weren’t around for the first ever playoff game, well allow me to ask you where were you December 14, 1941? Okay, okay same answer would be my guess. That game marks the only time in this intense rival that the Packers and Bears met in a playoff game. Final score Chicago 33, Green Bay 14. So now, nearly 70 years later, the Packers have their rematch game to get even. Packers’ fans have the right to be hype for this game. Think if you had to wait 70 years to avenge that beat down you got by the elementary-school bully, that neighborhood kickball game lost, or even showing off your wife or husband to your old high-school mate. I bet you would be pumped too. So the anticipation for this game is understandable.
See if you can catch these Packers-Bears historically memorable moments; The NFL’s first ejection for fighting came in a Packers-Bears game. That set the tone for the rivalry!
Start with Green Bay Packers defensive back, Mark Lee, running Walter Payton over the bench in a 1985 game at Lambeau Field. It’s bad when someone tries to take out a guy with a nickname “Sweetness”.
A year later, I must say it was miserable to see, Charles Martin body-slam Chicago Bears egoistic quarterback Jim McMahon. Charles Martin wore a ‘hit-list towel’ with quarterback names on it McMahon was first on the list. I still get goose bumps over this next moment. Don, the magic-man, Majkowski scrambling around for years to find Sterling Sharpe in the end zone, before crossing the line of scrimmage. Bears fans had their share of moments that will live forever. Bryan Robinson blocks Ryan Longwell’s last second field goal six days after Walter Payton funeral. RIP Walter “Sweetness” Payton.
My personal favorite sports nick-name William “the Refrigerator” Perry soaring over Packers to score touchdowns, okay maybe not soaring but you get the picture. Finally, in 1980 Bears’ Alan Page blocked a field-goal attempt in overtime, but the ball bounced back to Packers Chester Marcol, who ran it back for the game-winning touchdown.
Packers. Bears. Whoever wins this NFC Championship game the rivalry will continue and I’ll be watching to see what moments will come from this game. By the way my prediction is Packers 24-Bears 20…Until next time live out your DREAMS with some Determination, put forth Real Efforts and given your Abilities; Mean you will have Success.            

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