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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Allen Iverson
NBA players are often label the best athlete’s in the world. The way they sprint, leap, and shift around the court, day in and day out, I can’t argue that label. There are a number of NBA players who could have made a career in another professional sport…alright I might be reaching a little bit but, I found this interesting. Here’s a list of top NBA players who tossed around the pigskin before taking a shot with the Spalding…
Allen Iverson: Led Bethel (Va.) High School to state title as starting QB
LeBron James: Named first-team all state as a wide receiver and he led St. Vincent-St. Mary High (Ohio) to state semifinals
Nate Robinson: Played wideout for University of Washington, and at 5’9”
Glen Davis: Played three positions for University Laboratory High in Baton Rouge, (La.) Defensive end, tackle, and tailback.
Charlie Ward: One word should be enough for Charlie Ward-Heisman! He won the Heisman Trophy in 1993 while playing quarterback at Florida State.
Ben Wallace: Auburn University offered him a football scholarship. How many knew that?
Jermaine O’Neal: Played quarterback for Eau Claire (S.C.) three years before vaulting to the NBA after his senior year.
Charles Barkley: Played one day for Auburn…does that count?

Charles Barkley
Matt Harpring: Was the quarterback for Marist School (Atl.) Wisconsin and Northwestern both had him on their radar.
David Noel: Wide receiver standout for Southern Durham High School (NC.) committed to University of North Carolina before picking up the round ball.
Pat Riley: Drafted by the Dallas Cowboys and San Diego Rockets in the same year, 1967, I guess he was born to be on top.
John Havlicek: The 1962 NBA, Boston Celtics, and NFL, Cleveland Browns, draft called Havlicek…NICE!
Matt Barnes: Earned All-American honors his senior year as a standout wideout for Del Campo High School in Sacramento (Cal.)
So I guess I’ll have my son start with the pigskin and then have him pick up the round-ball like these NBA stars. Nice sample of NBA players who had professional sport opportunities. Are there other NBA players who has football ties before turning to the NBA…I’d like to hear from you. Until next time live out your DREAMS with some Determination, put forth Real Efforts and given your Abilities; Mean you will have Success.

LeBron James

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