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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Greatest Super-Bowl Quarterback is...

Let's look at the numbers...

Name, Team, Wins/Appearances

Terry Bradshaw, Steelers 4/4
Joe Montana, 49ers 4/4
Troy Aikman, Cowboys 3/3
Tom Brady, Patriots 3/4
John Elway, Broncos 2/5

Now when Brady makes and wins this year Super Bowl he would be the greatest Super-Bowl quarterback of all times! Brady would tie Elway with the most appearances, and tie Bradshaw and Montana with the most wins. I don't see him slowing down anytime soon to make at least one more. The way teams change year to year and with players jumping from team to team, for more money or more wins Brady has continue to make the playoffs and the Super-Bowl. The one year the New York Giants won could be the only of few debates most would have against Brady, and even with that I would take a lose over not making the Super-Bowl. And for those to say that Montana has three MVP's and Brady has only two, who was throwing Deion Branch, that years MVP, the ball so that should have been his third MVP. I think that it would make for a great debate...take your pick and tell me why? Until next time live out your DREAMS with some Determination, put forth Real Efforts and given your Abilities; Mean you will have Success.

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