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Monday, April 11, 2011

My NBA Awards 2011

DreamsByGriffin 2011 NBA Awards
MVP: Derrick Rose-After all the stories were about those three in Miami Heat, James, Wade, and Bosh, Derrick came up all Roses and stole the show in the East in my book that’s a MVP  

Rookie of the Year: Blake Griffin-Anyone with Griffin as their last name will be great! 20pts, 12rebs, and 3assist not bad in his official first year   

Sixth Man Award: Lamar Odom-Mr. Consistence in L.A.  

Coach of the Year: Most difficult award to give out this year. George Karl is my pick. Overcoming personal health issues and the Melo drama still coached the Nuggets in the playoffs without a big-time star is great coaching  

Defensive Player of the Year: AKA the Dikembe Mutombo award. Will be Dwight Howard for a third straight year! If every NBA team had Howard there wouldn’t be much scoring in the paint.

Most Improved Player: Kevin Love-“Mr. Double Up” 53 straight double doubles is enough for me.