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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The NBA sends out Season’s Greetings

Now that the 149day battle over millions of dollars has come to an end. We as fans can enjoy Christmas with our families and catch a great NBA line up. What better way to bring back fans with the likes of the Mavericks receiving their NBA championship rings, in Miami sorry LeBron and D-Wade fans, what’s Christmas Day game without, arguable the best player in the game, Kobe. The raining MVP D-Rose and I can’t forget about the Mecca of basketball arenas Madison Square Garden Knicks hosting the Celtics. Christmas Day is when most average NBA fans start tuning in, so the NBA reputation might be in good standings after all.

Over the next few weeks much talk will be done about why a deal was done so fast…’people when the NBPA disband and file a lawsuit against the NBA it force both side to get a deal done’...LIKE NOW! There was no way they would have be able to have a season this year if the lawsuit went to court. The court process is never on a fast pace schedule (See the NFL as an example). So even if the players are not 100% satisfy with this new deal its better than nothing.

In this new deal the ‘small market’ cities, like my Milwaukee Bucks, should be able to stay competitive and not scream foul play that only the Lakers, Celtics and Mavericks or Knicks can spend the most money on players. Honestly, I’m looking forward to see if it works…in other words will the NBA be able to have ‘Parity’ like the NFL. The NBA’s history has shown that it’s never had parity most of the big markets has always had the games big names…Chicago had Jordan, Lakers had Showtime Magic and Kareem, Celtics had Bird, Knicks has the Mecca. To that point this new collect bargaining agreement will be watched very closely. Fans will be quick to point out having a work stoppage for 149days if their favorite team keeps losing.

So I guess, there is a Santa Clause one who loves basketball on Christmas just like ME and most NBA fans. Until next time live out your DREAMS with some Determination, put forth Real Efforts and given your Abilities; Means you will have Success.