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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

NFL Game Recap of Week 3

What a wacky and wild Week 3 it was. For starters the Ref’s really showed up and showed out! Plenty upsets and surprising finishes, its fear to say the NFL has some bright young talent on the raise. 

A few questionable calls help the Seahawks in a victory against Rodgers and the Packers 14-12.

Giants return to the running game as they crush Cam Netwon, and the Panthers 36-7

Bears’ D perform at a high level which results in a victory Bears 23 Rams 6.

The Bills start strong behind Fitzpatrick 3 TD’s and cruise pass winless Browns 24-14.

Cowboys finally had a home game. They survive a scare by the Buccaneers 16-10.

Titans played host to the Lions in a wild and crazy game. Four quarters wasn’t enough as it took OT for the Titans to collect the victory 44-41.

A nail biter in Indianapolis between the Jaguars and the Colts results in a lost for Luck and the Colts. Jaguars QB Gabbert late TD brings them their first victory 22-17.

Jets needed OT to get pass the Dolphins 23-20.
Upset of the week Vikings steal a victory over 49ers 24-13. Vikings QB Ponder 2 TD’s aided in the victory.

Saints Offense still struggling even behind Brees 3 TD’s. Chiefs rallies in OT to stun Saints 27-24.

In an ol’ fashion shoot-out Bengals survives the Redskins late push 38-31.

Cardinal’s defense slams the breaks on Vick and the Eagles speedy offense. Cardinal’s superstar WR Fitzgerald had a monster of a game with 9rec for 114yds and 1TD in a 27-6 victory.

Falcons soar over the Chargers with no problem 27-3. Falcons QB Ryan 3 TD’s lead the charge, and now the Falcons are 3-0.

Texans QB Schaub MVP whispers are getting louder. With 4 TD’s Schaub and the Texans stay undefeated with a 31-25 victory over the Broncos. 

I said there were upset like the Raiders over the Steelers.  On the foot of Raiders kicker Janikowski the Raiders win 34-31.

Playing with a heavy heart, with the passing of his brother, Ravens WR Smith played out this world with 6rec, 127yds, and 2TD’s to help beat the Patriots 31-30.

Until next time live out your DREAMS with some Determination, put forth Real Efforts and given your Abilities; Mean you will have Success.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Replace the Replacements

Okay, okay it’s just a game. I understand that fully, but when athletes aren’t allowed to play the game like they’re supposed to we as fans get very pissed!  Enough is enough.  Monday night, my beloved Green Bay Packers was robbed, bamboozled, and downright made a fool out of.  See the video.  The NFL veterans Officials are in a current lockout.  And for the time being replacement officials are policing the games.  Well, there lies the problem.  These refs aren’t trained nor have the experience to manage the tempo and intensity of this wonderful game,  which leads us to watching comical play thus far, it’s embarrassing. 

The first three weeks there has been more yellow laundry (those damn flags) then office post-it notes on my desk  and terrible calls that had me wondering if this was all a horrible dream. Packers-Seahawks Monday night game took the cake.  Unless, the Patriots fans still questioning the Raves game winning field goal the night before,  which had their future Hall of Famer head coach Bill Belichick chasing after an official to question if it was good or not.   See the video.   Sadly, he’ll be fined for his actions.

I’ve been watching football for as long as I can remember both college and professional and I’ve never heard of ‘simultaneous possession’ have you?  I didn’t think so.  Well, after that fiasco of a call last Monday night I’ll never forget that term.  That term was used by the officials to say that Packers defensive back M.D. Jennings and Seahawks receiver Golden Tate had possession of the football at the same time.  Therefore, the ball was awarded to Tate and ultimately the game winning touchdown was allowed.  That decision, all be it an awful one, sent the football world in an uproar not just Packer-Nation.  I’m sure in your office, just like mine, it’s the topic of discussion around the water bubbler.

At this point, it’s out of control and my fear is that it won’t get better anytime soon.  It’s easy to see the miss calls but I can’t continue to take players being beat, like they stole something, to the point where their being carter off the field.  Well, who’s to blame for the current state of the NFL? The Owners, The League, Or what about the power of greed?  The NFL is a multibillion-dollar company and we are left with replacement refs.

After three weeks of miscues by replacement officials one would hope, fingers cross, that the NFL Owners and the Officials can finally have an adult conversation.  More of this people might just show up at NFL commissioner Roger Goodell office door steps.  Don’t you think it’s time to replace the replacements? I do!

Until next time live out your DREAMS with some Determination, put forth Real Efforts and given your Abilities; Mean you will have Success.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Jim Calhoun A Great One

A basketball national powerhouse where? Storrs, Connecticut. Yes, Jim Calhoun for the past 26 years has taken a small school, University of Connecticut, to heights higher than any Hollywood film maker could imagine.  In a part of the country where not much excitement is happening, Coach Calhoun stepped on campus with his brass in your face approach.  Storrs, Connecticut soon became the talk of college basketball world for how fast the program became elite.

With his announcement of his retirement over a week ago Calhoun, the Hall of Famer, will join an exclusive group of  other college great basketball coaches like John Wooden, Mike Krzyewski, Adolph Rupp, and for my true college basketball junkies Jim Phelan (google him).  Calhoun has 873 victories, which place him 6th-most victories overall, 3 National Championships and a conference best 7 Big East Tournament Titles.  Without question he has made his mark on College basketball.

Calhoun’s legacy will go down simply as a winner.  Coaching a host of future NBA players, like my favorite Ray Allen, Donyell Marshall, and Richard Hamilton, to local Wisconsin native Caron Butler.  Not only did Calhoun win basketball games, he battled and defeated Cancer twice all while returning to coach his Huskies.  

Although in his final years he battled the NCAA on recruiting violations and poor academic performance. Legendary coaches like Calhoun, who truly built a program from nothing, and turned it into a powerhouse program, only come around once in a life time was great for the college basketball.  Let’s not forget that before Jim Calhoun you never heard of University of Connecticut for anything.  So although he’s stepping down his footprints will remain on UConn campus as the guy who took a cold part of the country and made it a hot bed for great college players.

Here's a tribute to Jim Calhoun.

Until next time live out your DREAMS with some Determination, put forth Real Efforts and given your Abilities; Mean you will have Success.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

NFL recaps of week 2

Video courtesy of ESPN Sunday Blitz  
Two down and fifteen more to go this week brought many surprises. We recap the second week of NFL regular season. Some had Wonderful Dreams, while others and Horrible Nightmares.
  • Guess the Packers didn’t need much luck against the Bears. Packers defense had 7 sacks, 4 INTs so Rodgers, the offense finished the Bears off 23-10.
  • Offense outburst from the Bills made fast work of the Chiefs. Fitzpatrick and Spiller two TD’s a piece aided in the victory 35-17.
  • Late heroic FG by Colts Vinatieri gives Andrew Luck his first NFL victory over the Vikings 23-20.
  • Bengals QB Dalton 3 TD’s was more than enough to help Bengals beat the Browns 34-27.
  • Bush controls the offense for the Dolphins with his 26 carries, 172 yards and 2 TD’s. Dolphins 35-Raiders 13. Raiders fall to 0-2.
  • Cardinals win the shock award this week, as they are 2-0 with a huge victory over Brady, Patriots 20-18. Patriots also lost TE Hernandez.
  • Vick passing for 371 yard, the Eagles edge the Ravens, despite 4 turnovers 24-23.
  • A giant performance by Giants QB Eli Manning 510 yards and 3 TD’s in a come from behind victory over the Buccaneers 41-34.
  • Who dat without a victory? Saints drop to 0-2 after a road lost to Newton, Panthers 27-35.
  • Texans defense held Jaguars offense below 120 yards and Foster rush for more than 100 yards. Texans 27-7 over Jaguars.
  • Rams QB Bradford put up a 300 yard performance as the Rams out last Griffin III, Redskins 31-28.
  • Seahawks use a strong defense performance to roll over the Cowboys 27-7.
  • Rivers, and Chargers bolt pass the Titans 38-10. Rivers 3 TD’s were the highlight of the game as the Charger are now 2-0.
  • 49ers move to 2-0 with a strong performance behind QB Smith’s two TD’s. 49ers 27-Lions 19.
  • Big second half for Big Ben and Steelers as they ease pass Jets 27-10.
  • Broncos couldn't escape Manning’s slow start and his 3INT’s. Falcons used that as their starting block to hold on to the 27-21 victory.
Until next time live out your DREAMS with some Determination, put forth Real Efforts and given your Abilities; Mean you will have Success.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

NFL Game Recap of Week 1

With the first week of the National Football League over here are my game recaps. Some teams had Wonderful Dreams, while others had Horrible Nightmares.

49ers defense bullies the Packers, win by 12. 30-22.

Cowboys surprise everyone including the Giants with a victory by 7. Romo starts the season off hot with 3 TD’s

Bears welcomes Colts rookie QB Andrew Luck to the league with a 20 point beat down. Bears 41 Colts 21.

Even with 4 interceptions, Browns find away to lose against the Eagles 16-17. Vick stop trying so hard let the game come to you.

Lions will be exciting to watch all season. Stafford’s only TD was the game winner against the Rams 27-23.

Same ol same ol with the Patriots. Titans didn’t show up…preseason is over right? 34-13 Patriots.

Falcons soar by the Chiefs thanks to Ryan’s 4 TD’s 40-24.

Is Adrian Peterson back? sure hope so for the Vikings which stole a victory in OT against the Jaguars 26-23.
It must be the last name; yep my last name is Griffin too. Robert Griffin III produce ‘un-rookie’ like numbers 320 yds and 2 TD’s to push the Redskins past Brees, Saints 40-32.

Jets didn’t show much in the preseason. They saved it all for the beat down of the Bills 48-28. Sanchez 3 TD’s great start J-E-T-S.

AFC Super Bowl favorites Texans had the Dolphins out to dry by half-time, and finished them off 30-10 Lead by Foster 2 TD’s.

Cardinals Kolb has been on this block before stepping in for an injured QB, Skelton, to pull out a 4 point victory over the upstart Seahawks, Russell Wilson 20-16.
Turnovers will not result in victories. Panthers Cam Newton must learn that. 2 INT’s cost them the victory against the Buccaneers 10-16.

What a Broncos debut! Elway who? Ok moving too fast maybe, but Payton Manning throws his 400th career TD and Broncos win 31-19 over the Steelers.

Ravens have Defense but, Offense WHAT!? Yes totaling 44 points. Bengals was no match only mustering up 13 points.

Raiders cut back on their mistakes and this could have been a different outcome. Nevertheless, Chargers win 22-14.

Until next time live out your DREAMS with some Determination, put forth Real Efforts and given your Abilities; Mean you will have Success.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

“Mr. Baseball” in Milwaukee

In the world of sports one of the highest honors one can get is a statue. In baseball Milwaukee, believe it or not, has one of the richest histories.  Until the most recent years my home team, Milwaukee Brewers, might not have been in conversations with playoffs or World Series year after year.  But one thing for sure, that has been a consistent is the voice of the Milwaukee Brewers. BobUecker! Mr. Baseball himself.

Other Brewers icons like Henry Aaron, Bud Selig, and Robin Yount all have been immortalized with a statue of their very own outside Miller Park.  Mr. Uecker has brought a unique style and a witty sense of humor for 41-years while delivering the game of baseball to the ears of Brewers fans around the world.  Some might think its long overdue for him to land a statue, but it’s here now, alone side those others Brewers icons. 

Mr. Uecker took his act to late night television.  He had countless appearances on Johnny Carson “The Tonight Show” talking baseball, mostly joking about his career. By the way his career batting average of .200 is nothing to preach about. This statue is for what he did for the culture of baseball in Milwaukee, not for his playing days.

I know most would ask can someone who sits and brings America’s favorite past-time to life get such an honor.  I look to my 90 year old grandmother who has followed the Brewers as long as I can recall.  She once said “I’m a Baseball fan, I’m a Brewer fan first, and that Uecker is something special we’re lucky to have him”.

It’s Uecker who has me saying “Get up! Get up! Get Outta here! Gone!” every time I see a homerun in any ball park. This has me thinking how awesome would it be to hear Mr. Baseball call MLB All-Star home run derby.

Until next time live out your DREAMS with some Determination, put forth Real Efforts and given your Abilities; Mean you will have Success.