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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

NFL Game Recap of Week 1

With the first week of the National Football League over here are my game recaps. Some teams had Wonderful Dreams, while others had Horrible Nightmares.

49ers defense bullies the Packers, win by 12. 30-22.

Cowboys surprise everyone including the Giants with a victory by 7. Romo starts the season off hot with 3 TD’s

Bears welcomes Colts rookie QB Andrew Luck to the league with a 20 point beat down. Bears 41 Colts 21.

Even with 4 interceptions, Browns find away to lose against the Eagles 16-17. Vick stop trying so hard let the game come to you.

Lions will be exciting to watch all season. Stafford’s only TD was the game winner against the Rams 27-23.

Same ol same ol with the Patriots. Titans didn’t show up…preseason is over right? 34-13 Patriots.

Falcons soar by the Chiefs thanks to Ryan’s 4 TD’s 40-24.

Is Adrian Peterson back? sure hope so for the Vikings which stole a victory in OT against the Jaguars 26-23.
It must be the last name; yep my last name is Griffin too. Robert Griffin III produce ‘un-rookie’ like numbers 320 yds and 2 TD’s to push the Redskins past Brees, Saints 40-32.

Jets didn’t show much in the preseason. They saved it all for the beat down of the Bills 48-28. Sanchez 3 TD’s great start J-E-T-S.

AFC Super Bowl favorites Texans had the Dolphins out to dry by half-time, and finished them off 30-10 Lead by Foster 2 TD’s.

Cardinals Kolb has been on this block before stepping in for an injured QB, Skelton, to pull out a 4 point victory over the upstart Seahawks, Russell Wilson 20-16.
Turnovers will not result in victories. Panthers Cam Newton must learn that. 2 INT’s cost them the victory against the Buccaneers 10-16.

What a Broncos debut! Elway who? Ok moving too fast maybe, but Payton Manning throws his 400th career TD and Broncos win 31-19 over the Steelers.

Ravens have Defense but, Offense WHAT!? Yes totaling 44 points. Bengals was no match only mustering up 13 points.

Raiders cut back on their mistakes and this could have been a different outcome. Nevertheless, Chargers win 22-14.

Until next time live out your DREAMS with some Determination, put forth Real Efforts and given your Abilities; Mean you will have Success.

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