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Friday, February 24, 2012

DreamsSports Mid-Year NBA Awards 2012

With NBA All-Star weekend here it’s only fitting that I give you my mid-seasons awards…

LeBron James-Miami Heat

LeBron James regular season has truly been a warm up. He’s again eyeing the NBA Finals and at this pace I see no reason why he and the Heat won’t be there. The critics will speak volumes if they don’t win it all but if James show up like has during the first half of this season we won’t hear much from the critics. Besides scoring 27.6 points per game he is pulling down a career-high 8.2 boards per game, leading the team in assists at 6.8 per game. The numbers that stands out the most is without Wade in the lined-up the Heat are 8-1. 

(2) Kevin Durant-Oklahoma City Thunder 
(3) Derrick Rose-Chicago Bulls

Rookie of Year
Kyrie Irving-Cleveland Cavaliers

Without many national televise games Irving is still making noise.  Leading all rookies and his team in scoring at 18.3 points per game, Irving is a true point guard. In a few years he will be amongst the top point guards. Shooting 49 percent from the field and having the closer mentally life after James for Cleveland fans might not be so bad after all.

(2) Ricky Rubio-Minnesota Timberwolves 
(3) Kemba Walker-Charlotte Bobcats

Sixth Man Award
James Harden-Oklahoma City Thunder


If there was a best beard award he would win that too. Harden could start on most NBA teams but his contribution off the bench has the Thunder atop the Western Conference. Not many teams receive consistence off the bench Harden brings 16.8 points per game and the excitement that all Thunder fans has grown to enjoy. Even though he comes off the bench Harden often is on the floor in the fourth quarter to help Durant and Westbrook close out games.

(2) Lou Williams-Philadelphia 76ers
(3) Al Harrington-Denver Nuggets

Coach of the Year
Doug Collins-Philadelphia 76ers

And they say that coaches in the NBA don’t really coach they manage egos. Well, Doug Collins has done it again he has the young 76ers in the playoff hunt and looking to make some noise. Collins has the 76ers playing lights out defense and sharing the ball has become the norm around the team.  Without a major star on the team Collins and the 76ers could have the deepest team in the league. They will be a hard out come the playoffs.

(2) George Karl-Denver Nuggets
(3) Rick Carlisle-Dallas Mavericks 

Defensive Player of the Year
Dwight Howard-Orlando Magic

Can we just rename this award to the 'Dwight Howard' award? Most teams focus on defensive as a team concept well; in this case Howard locks-down the paint by his self. Howard leads the league with 11.8 defense rebounds and fifth in blocks 2.12 per game. Despite all the trade talk Howard seems to keep smiling while closing down the painted area. He is truly a great piece to start if you want to build a team around defensive.

(2) Serge Ibaka-Oklahoma City Thunder
(3Tyson Chandler-New York Knicks

Most Improved Player
James Harden-Oklahoma City Thunder

In his third year he has become the best sixth man in the League. Every year Harden’s numbers has gone up and his level of importance to the Thunder has increase. Thunder will depend on him more than normal with backup point guard Mayor lost for the season Harden will be looked to do everything for the second unit score, pass, rebound and more.

(2) Ryan Anderson-Orlando Magic
(3) Mario Chalmers-Miami Heat

...Until next time live out your DREAMS with some Determination, put forth Real Efforts and given your Abilities; Mean you will have Success.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Finding Tracy McGrady...

Let’s play find Tracy McGrady. Is he oversees, is he in the D-League, is he on a NBA roster if so what team? Well come to find out Tracy McGrady, cousin of Vince Carter, is on the roster of the Atlanta Hawks. Clearly, that’s all he’s doing is being on the roster. McGrady was quoted

“I’m tired of this [bleep],” McGrady said. “You can put that in the paper, I don’t give a [bleep]. If you don’t feel I can help, come tell me that. He ain’t told me nothing. I just want to help these guys win, man, which I know I can. But, damn, four minutes?”

That statement was aimed at Hawks head coach Larry Drew for not giving him more playing time. Sorry, McGrady but comments like that will only get you closer to the end of the bench, or on the trading block. The Hawks currently holds the 6th spot of the Eastern Conference. Both parties should make-up fast if they want to make a late run into the playoffs.  

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Jeremy Lin, Who? No Longer...

Okay, okay…yes it’s only been a week however he is taking the NBA and the Big Apple (New York) by storm. Yes, like everyone else I too must talk about Jeremy Lin, first American-born player of Chinese or Taiwanese descent, the NEW story of the NBA. Helping the New York Knicks to a season long six game winning streak Jeremy Lin, has poured in more points than ANY NBA player in history in their first five games. (136pts). Yes, more than Mr. Air Jordan himself, more than LeBron “King” James, and any other NBA great. “Linsanity” has grown to a point that ESPN has had a “Linsational” highlight of him every night over the past week. Lin’s performance has once again opened the gates to the NBA being truly a globe sport. Beside baseball, which is still far behind basketball in highlighting non-American athletes, other professional’s sports lack the push like the NBA. The effort that Yao Ming had on the NBA has been shattered by “Super Lintendo”; yes he has a million of nicknames. My hope is when the New York Knicks return to full strength, having Melo in the lineup, that Mr. Lincredible doesn’t face to black.

I believe what makes Lin’s story more unique is that it shows fans that there are players who truly work hard, has the passion to live out their dreams of playing on the big stage, and in bright lights. And, the money will come after they’re given a ‘real’ shot. Working through so many roadblocks to play in a Knicks jersey is what draws us in. Playing college ball at Harvard, not your average power-house basketball factory, goes un-drafted, only to play in the NBA Development League and being cut twice (sorry Golden State & Houston) why not cheer for him.                    

If you haven’t seen any of what I’m talking about check out the video and you’ll see. Talk about a feel-good story! Until next time live out your DREAMS with some Determination, put forth Real Efforts and given your Abilities; Means you will have Success.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Picks for NBA All-Stars Reserves 2012

My picks for NBA All-Stars Reserves 2012

Western Conference

LaMarcus Aldridge
Kevin Love
Paul Millsap
Tony Parker
Russell Westbrook
James Harden
Danilo Gallinari

Eastern Conference

Joe Johnson
Chris Bosh
Roy Hibbert
Andre Iguodala
Brandon Jennings
Josh Smith
Danny Granger

Thursday, February 2, 2012

NBA All-Star Starters

Kevin Durant-Oklahoma City
Blake Griffin-L.A. Clippers

Kobe Bryant-L.A. Lakers
Chris Paul-L.A. Clippers

Andrew Bynum-L.A. Lakers

Derrick Rose-Chicago
Dwyane Wade-Miami

LeBron James-Miami
Carmelo Anthony-New York

Dwight Howard-Orlando

Jennings Heats the Bradley Center Up

With two of the top NBA’s dazzling stars, Lebron & Wade, in the town you had a strong feeling something exciting would happen.  However, Brandon Jennings made sure with his performance, especially in the fourth quarter, that Lebron & Wade remember it takes more than a big name to win in the NBA. I give credit to Lebron as arguable the best player in the game today. 
Alone he outscored the Bucks (24-23) in the first quarter. By the way that was the second time he has done that against the Bucks (2/20/09).  This had the Bradley Center in uproar making shots with his left hand, right hand, and dunks that you often see in the All-Star game.
The Bucks, without Andrew Bogut (ankle injury) and Stephen Jackson (mentally injure) I had that feeling that after a first quarter like LeBron’s, Bucks fans were in for a long night.  That’s where I was wrong.  They held LeBron to only 16pts the rest of the game.   After being down by 18pts Jennings again, showed us what having a “killer attitude” is. The Bradley Center soon came to life.  The Bucks as a team had 30 assists on 39 field goals made.  Can you say ball movement?
This game provided Bucks fans hope, that they will be fine without Bogut if they could only play their remaining games at home. Okay, maybe not realistic.  But, with a win against Rose and the Bulls later this week the Bucks would have beaten Kobe, LeBron, Wade, and Rose all in one week.  Not too many teams can say they have done that.  I stand and applaud the Bucks energy and their will to play hard. With that nightly approach I see no reason why they won’t make the playoffs…okay it’s because I want to see them be successful.  Until next time live out your DREAMS with some Determination, put forth Real Effort and given your Abilities, Mean you will have Success.