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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Brownsville, Brooklyn to Broadway Staring Tyson

Spike Lee. Mike Tyson.  Yes, Mr.’ Do the Right Thing’ and Mr. Eccentric join forces to displace the life and times of the former champ. The legendary Packer’s Coach Vince Lombardi, NBA Hall of Famers Bird and Magic careers have also hit the bright lights of Broadway.  Now for the main event, for pure entertainment if nothing else, Broadway will host ‘The Undisputed Truth’ one-man show staring Mike Tyson playing his self.  I can’t think of any one better for such a complex role.

The play will take Tyson fans down memory lane of his boxing success and his life struggles.  It will introduce newer fans to how he ran havoc in and out the boxing ring. No one did it better (50-6 44KO’s).  With Spike Lee managing all production, I’m sure it will have a dark yet colorful feeling of Tyson’s world.

I once thought he didn’t fight anyone in their prime, silly me, while he climbed the boxing ranks.  Well I was wrong.   Tyson not only climbed the boxing ranks, he changed the boxing world forever.  I call him Mr. Pay-Per-View. When his fights came on you didn’t move an inch.  Those fights could be over within seconds, 21 seconds to be exact just ask Marvis Frazier the son of Joe ‘Smokin’ Frazier.   Those fights only left me craving for more, not fights just longer fights.

Tyson still has that I’ll kick your ass persona and anyone with a tattoo on their face should right? However, Tyson has a sense of humor that is unmatchable.  See the movie Hangover I & II.  When ask by Rolling Stone how he would like to improve the ‘The Undisputed Truth’, Tyson said “it may seem weird or wimpy, but I want to have some quick dance acts in there. I’d love to sing, but I can’t. Maybe I’ll get the guts one day”.  I’m not sure what Tyson will wear during the play but the black shorts, black shoes, and no socks would be a KO of a job to catch his in the ring boxing image.

Until next time live out your DREAMS with some Determination, put forth Real Efforts and given your Abilities; Mean you will have Success.  

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