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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lebron James 17 straight points…

He did it again! Will he win another MVP award? Well, LeBron James closed out Monday's game against the New Jersey Nets with 17 straight points.  When LeBron goes into "pseudo Jordan" mood, it's fair to say no one can slow him down; let along stop him.  His 17 points out score the entire Nets team over the last five minutes. He finished the game with 37 points.
The Nets fans showed their love for his great performace by chanting "MVP, MVP".  In my opinio, the MVP race is a two man battle between Kevin Durant and LeBron James. Yes, I understand Kobe Bryant will win another scoring title, however James is clearly the front runner.  
Yes, I know the question you are asking why not this remarkable performance on a consistent basis.  All Heat fans are hoping for James tenacious scoring outburst when it matter most...in the playoffs! Until next time live out your DREAMS with some Determination, put forth Real Efforts and given your Abilities; Mean you will have Success.

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