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Friday, September 2, 2011

Season Preview NFC East

Season Preview NFC East

Philadelphia Eagles
Keep Mike Vick healthy the Eagles will be the model team in the East. Solid on both sides of the ball overall, and Vick will always be the most exciting player on the field. Drop the Dream Team and just play. A deep playoff run should happen.
Predication 11-5, first in the NFC East

New York Giants
Run the ball, and run it some more. Eli keeps the interceptions to a minimum the Giants will be in the playoffs. Defense will continue to be the face of this team.
Predication 10-6, second in the NFC East

Dallas Cowboys
This off season has been very quiet in the Big D. With both the Eagles and the Giants making more the NFC East will once again be hard hitting division. Sadly, Dallas will be getting up after most games. I don’t see Romo having a big year, no one to throw too. The defense under Rob Ryan will be the brightest star shining in Dallas.
Prediction 8-8, third in the NFC East
Washington Redskins
John Beck who? Rex Grossman why? The Redskins will have alone season. The defense will see the field more than the offense.
Prediction 4-12, fourth in NFC East

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