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Friday, September 2, 2011

Season Preview-AFC West

Season Preview-AFC West

San Diego Chargers
A strong start is a must for this year team. They will charge back atop the West despite a difficult schedule, and Philip Rivers will have an MVP type season. Antonio Gates must stay healthy, and Vincent Jackson will be Rivers main target. Only worries will be the running game will it keep defenses honest?
Prediction 10-6, first in AFC West

Kansas City Chiefs
It starts and ends with Matt Cassel. Running game should be great again, but not sure if they will win enough games to make the playoffs. The bottom half of the West is strong and Chiefs might fall short this year.
Prediction 8-8, second in the AFC West

Oakland Raiders
With the departure of Nnamdi Asomugha and Zach Miller that don’t help their shot for of making the playoffs. However, they will still fight and Jason Campbell will continue to grow as a starter QB. Might be a year or two away and another key player from a playoff berth.
Prediction 7-9, third in AFC West

Denver Broncos
Kyle Orton this, Tim Tebow that. The Broncos will be rebuilding again this year. Period.
Prediction 4-12, fourth in AFC West

Until next time live out your DREAMS with some Determination, put forth Real Efforts and given your Abilities; Mean you will have Success.

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