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Friday, September 2, 2011

Season Preview-AFC EAST

Season Preview-AFC EAST

New England Patriots
Can’t wait to see Brady to Chad Ochocinco will bring. Let’s hope the Patriot culture rubs off on Albert Haynesworth, if so the defense will be much, much better. Playoffs is a given, winning a playoff game is their biggest worry.
Prediction 12-4, first in AFC East

New York Jets
Getting pass the Pats is mission one. Mark Sanchez will have a main target in Santonio Holmes should bring some consistent. The defense will be fine once again, look out their blitzing again.
Prediction 10-6, second in AFC East

Miami Dolphins
Not sold on Chad Henne but Miami don’t have much else. Solid on defense.
Prediction 6-10, third in AFC East

Buffalo Bills
No Lee Evans plus weak offense line equals another long season. Bills will put up a great fight game in and game out.
Prediction 5-11, fourth in AFC East

Until next time live out your DREAMS with some Determination, put forth Real Efforts and given your Abilities; Mean you will have Success.

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