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Thursday, April 4, 2013

There’s Practice, and there’s Rutgers Practice

How many of you played sports weather it’s was basketball, football, baseball, or volleyball? Sometime practice was more intense than the game.  

When you think of practice you think of going through drills, exercising, competing against each other, right? What do you think about your coach—keeping you focused, energized, motivated and disciplines, right?

Well, what took place at Rutgers University, seen here on this videotape, was far from disciplining basketball players.  It was downright disgraceful! I wouldn't argue with you if you thought it was abuse. Mike Rice actions were Bob Knight(ish) to the tenth power!  Mike Rice now the former coach of the men’s basketball team was fired for his actions, and rightly so!  When a coach feels he must grab, push, and throw balls at players it’s gone way to far, and it’s time to end practice.

Rice has displayed this behavior in the past where he was suspended for three games, fined $75,000, and requested to complete anger management classes. However, it doesn't seem like it did any justice.  In addition to having issues with conducting practice in a sensible matter, Rice was not winning that many games.  During Rice’s tenure at Rutgers he posted a 44-51 record, not your top notch coach if you ask me. 

At this point winning doesn't matter for Rutgers University basketball program now they must do damage control and explain why Rice kept his job after they first notified of such behavior.  I would not be surprised if more of the administration received their pink slips too.

I would love to hear what those players were thinking, wouldn't you? My guess is they are thankful that Rice has finally been caught and they are no longer victims of abuse!!!

Until next time, live out your DREAMS with some Determination, put forth Real Efforts and given your Abilities; Means you will have Success.

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