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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Winning Cures Everything…

(Photo courtesy of Nike)

TigerWoods is back! (In the voice of a Nike Marketing Rep)

He’s back where WE want him (In another voice of a Nike Marketing Rep).  

Tiger reclaims the No. 1 ranking as the best golfer and once again the face of the sport.  After going through a very public and unimaginable embarrassing break-up with his former wife, losing almost every endorsement and sponsorship deal, and losing his golf game Tiger Woods is BACK!!! (In a different Nike Marketing Rep’s voice)

Or is he?

Was it really our business what Tiger Woods was doing behind his wife’s back, right or wrong, however, because he was “Tiger Woods” everything was fair grounds.  I believe if he wasn't the cream of the crop and hadn't elevated golf to a main stream audience, or made golf fashionable to African Americans they wouldn't care that his putting stroke was off.  And now they, Nike, drops a new ad with the phrase “winning takes care of everything” my question is does it?

Yes, in sports winning can ease the pain of many years of my team being awful, yes winning can stuff empty stadiums and arenas seats, and yes winning can increase the “coolness” of being from my city but of course I understand winning doesn't take care of ALL the problems in the world.  However, putting out a message “winning takes care of everything” it only contributes to the drama behind Tiger’s mishaps.  Nike clearly understands that controversy sales.  This ad will have people talking and that’s what they want.  I’m not criticizing Tiger Woods for making a remarkable comeback.  This criticism is towards those who sit around the boardroom tables looking too capitalize off his past mistakes or any high profile athletes.

I don’t see how this ad has any benefit to Tiger reclaiming his clean-cut image he once had, but then again maybe this is the new image he’s looking for.  And that is, if I swing and miss all I have to do is start winning and all is forgotten because “winning takes care of everything”.

Until next time, live out your DREAMS with some Determination, put forth Real Efforts and given your Abilities; Means you will have Success.

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