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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The future of the Milwaukee Bucks is...

...Unfortunately, not Scott Skiles

This was the year to expect great things from the Milwaukee Bucks.  Having a full season with the lighting quick back-court of (Brandon) Jennings and (Monta) Ellis, and a better cast of big men guiding the paint I was looking forward to Scott Skiles coaching them.  Well with coach Skiles being fired it will take the players to band together more than ever before.  Skiles after 5-years only managed a record of 162-182 which wasn't nearly close enough for this franchise.  It’s said that change is good.  Hopefully, this is the change the Bucks need to jump-start their playoff run and to a brighter tomorrow.

Since there hasn't been a major snow storm this year in Milwaukee, as of yet, could this be the storm Bucks fans are afraid of?  Where Jennings doesn't sign an extension and leaves to become a free agent, Monta Ellis also moves on since he has a player option and worst of all current owner Herb Kohl sells the team and Milwaukee is no longer home of the Bucks’.

I'm optimistic on the brighter future the Bucks’ can have.  Here is what I believe should happen:

First and foremost sign Brandon Jennings to a long-term contract.  By doing so it secures a young star for the future, and the fans can identify him as their franchise player. He seems very loyal to this city and is a perfect center piece to build a franchise around.  Add a solid wing-player and a consistent post-player then brighter days’ are ahead.  Milwaukee is not the first, second, nor third option for most NBA players to come and play here.  However in Jennings I think we have a guy who really doesn’t mind making it cool here.

A new arena is a MUST! What’s the phrase “if you build it they will come” well build away.  Look at what a new stadium did for the development and success of the Milwaukee Brewers on and off the field.  A new arena will create and bring excitement to the city.  Having a state of the art arena would allow a stronger sale for bring more entertainment acts to Milwaukee which ultimately creates more revenue for the city.  Not to mention a greater possibility of hosting the NBA All-Star game.

A new Owner, maybe billionaire Michael Heisley from Chicago, who notice there is something unique here in Milwaukee if give the proper attention.  Heisley former owner of the Memphis Grizzlies was willing to spend money while creating a winning atmosphere.  Just what this franchise needs!     
I look at franchises like Memphis, Oklahoma City, or Indiana as the blue print on how to be successful in a "small market". 

Skiles might be gone, but if the correct moves are made the future of the Milwaukee Bucks can be bright once again one win at a time.

Until next time, live out your DREAMS with some Determination, put forth Real Efforts and given your Abilities; Means you will have Success.

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