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Monday, January 14, 2013

Packers Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

It can’t be over just like that……can it?! The road seemed so promising to Super Bowl XLVII, in New Orleans, for this years’ Green Bay Packers. They defeated the Minnesota Vikings at home then made a trip out west to San Francisco to take down the 49ers however Colin Kaepernick a second year quarterback whom I may add was making his first appearance in the National Football League postseason gave them Packers a run for their money.  Then they were to seek revenge against the Seattle Seahawks or prevent the Atlanta Falcons home playoff win once again but the Packers navigation GPS veered off its path.

It’s been 14yrs since the Packers made an appearance at Candlestick Park during the playoffs they had the same painful ending. The Packers walked off bewildered, confused, and dejected.  Only that time it was at the hands of Steve Young’s pass to Terrell Owens for the game-winning touchdown as time expired.  After that heartbreaking lost the dynasty of Mike Holmgren, Reggie White, and Brett Favre was no more.  Holmgren bolted for Seattle. White retired. Favre went on to set the all-time record for most interceptions.

With last year and Saturday’s night defensives struggles I wouldn’t be shocked if whispers of defensive coordinator Dom Capers be standing in the unemployment line.  It’s frustrating as a fan to think that the Packers were Super Bowl Champions two years ago.  Now, they’re allowing, new age quarterbacks like 49ers’ Kaepernick to rush for a single game record which is 16 carries for 181 yards. Kaepernick made us forget about his early interception which was taken back for a touchdown by Packers’ Sam Shields with his marvelous performance.

Packer fans are still flabbergasted with Saturday night outcome; Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers ran ALL over the Packers en route to a lopsided victory 45-31. I did not think the Packers stood a chance for a comeback during the second half since the 49ers were scoring on every drive.  The Packers defense never seemed to make a key stop and then have the offense capitalize on it.

On a new road -

To the unexpected early offseason, the Packers have a few areas of concern with Driver, Woodson, Hawk, Finley, and Jennings being somewhere else next season. They are major contributors and all have had an impact on the success of the Packers over the years.  General Manager, Ted Thompson must work intensely to address those defensiveness issues to prevent a reoccurrence of Saturday night disappointment.  Therefore, the Packers must pack up their belongings, head home, and regroup.  Realizing another great season has come to a close much earlier than we imagined.

The consolation prize of this loss to the 49ers is that Coach Mike McCarthy and staff will coach the NFC in the, tired and un-energized, Pro Bowl for the second straight year.

Until next time, live out your DREAMS with some Determination, put forth Real Efforts and given your Abilities; Means you will have Success.

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