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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Three pointer to you Ray!

So what Walter Ray Allen shown me his entire career that practice and consistence will result in great performance.  Arguable the best pure shooter the NBA has to offer, and maybe we will ever see, has done the same pregame warm-up for 15years.  Showing up to the arena three hours before game time day in and night out, shoot I can’t even get to bed at the same time 15days in a row; I guess having two kids under  5years old would do that too you, think about that could you show up to work three hours early.  2,561 3-pointers made… and counting might not ever be broken.  And I thought that Reggie Miller, the New York Knick killer, had the best shoot until I saw Ray.  Now I have watched Ray Allen back when he was making game-winning shot against Allen Iverson and Georgetown in 1996 for the Big East Championship, and his shooting release looks the same. Talk about Déjà vu. I don’t think the record couldn’t have been broken against a better team the Los Angeles Lakers. We all know the Lakers-Celtics rich history so why not against them. 

Unlike most, who’s ever watched Ray play and only view him as a three point shooter.  I must refresh your memory Ray dunks!, him and Kobe went dunk for dunk in 97’s NBA All-Star Dunk contest; okay maybe not Ray, who finished fourth, but he has the midrange shot, however behind the 23 feet 9inch arc is where he ended up on most nights.  I recall in one interview Ray was asked if you had to compare your shot to a woman who would it be he said Halle Berry.  I guess even looking at Halle Berry doesn’t get old. His shot won’t either.  I would have said Sannaa Lathan.  Now that he’s in the fourth quarter of his career, who knows the number of three pointers he will continue to hit, but one thing is for certain every shot will look like the last one.  Perfect!  Throughout his 1,076, and counting, games played Ray Allen has shown us that kids, marriage, trades, tragedy, parenthood, life, life’s challenges made him more than a three pointer shooter.  Water Ray Allen here’s a 3-pointer to you for your approach on the game I love and life.  Until next time live out your DREAMS with some Determination, put forth Real Efforts and given your Abilities; Mean you will have Success.


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